We are Zambia’s first world-class, mixed-use development community located in Lusaka.

Roma Park is the first mixed use development of its kind in Zambia, conveniently located 6km from the Central Business District and 20km from the International airport. Roma Park has a large range of commercial property available including entire business premises to individual industrial units.

Roma Park started off as a piece of 120 hectare agricultural parcel of land approximately 2.5 km off the Great East Road. In 2009 CPD Properties took ownership of was then Farm 609 on the Zambezi Road. CPD Properties has embarked on an infrastructure rollout which includes the provision of water and sewage reticulation, electrification of the entire development, construction of over 10 km of roads and the facilitation of fibre optic connectivity throughout the development. Since then Roma Park has been transformed into one of Zambia’s first mixed-use developments, and in partnership with the Zambian Development Agency – one of Zambia’s first Industrial Parks. As Roma Park grows, so the vision of the development becomes a reality.


Roma Park is the first private commercial property zoned as an Industrial Park in Zambia under the ZDA Act of 2006 – with the backing of the Zambia Development Agency, as well as the Government of Zambia. With currently over 98% of the residential plots on offer sold and major infrastructure complete, Roma Park is ideally positioned to provide extremely attractive investment opportunities and has successfully sold over 300 plots in the residential area since its inception in 2011. The commercial side of the park has sold 19 of its 42 plots.


A Group Of Companies

Roma Park is owned by Rendeavour and the CPD Investments Group. Rendeavour is Africa’s largest urban land developer, with city-scale developments in the growth paths of major cities in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo. Visit www.rendeavour.com for more information. CPD Investments specialises in commercial properties and provides land acquisitions, property developing, investments, disposals, renting, leasing and property management services. With a wealth of knowledge in both strategic management and development, CPD is well-positioned to provide excellent guidance for the project.










Our History

The land parcel was acquired in 2010 from Victoria Finaly Huwiler as part of a vision she had for the development of the area. The President of the Republic of Zambia, Rupiah Banda launched residential sales in 2012. Roma Park is seen as the premier development in Lusaka, attracting investors from across the globe.

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